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How to let your curls air dry

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you the type who likes to wash and go, but aren't always impressed with how your curls turn out? If so, you might need to learn how to let your curls air dry. Believe it or not, there's a method to the madness when it comes to getting your curls to look their best when you opt to completely air dry. Here's what you can do to turn your frizzy curls into a mane of glorious curls.

  1. Avoid touching

This can be really trying, but do your very best to avoid touching your curls during the drying process. After you apply products and finishing plopping (if that's the method you use to get your drying process started) keep your hands out of your curls until fully dry. As tempting as it can be to put your fingers through your curls. this will only disrupt your curls while drying and can cause your curls to fall, or frizz up.

2. Don't go overboard

When air drying her curls, blogger Delilah of Holistic Enchilada says she doesn't “apply too much and I don't apply any near my roots.” Instead, she focuses on keeping the product minimal, using just what she needs. She then squishes upwards through her curls, ensuring the strands get covered thoroughly while also making sure she isn't going overboard.

3. Remove excess moisture

While you might not have time for a full plopping, a “micro plop” can be the ideal way to remove excess moisture from your curls without drawing out too much or spending too much time. Since you don't want to spend hours waiting for sopping wet curls to dry, this will get your strands started in the right direction.

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