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How To Keep Curls Hydrated During The Winter

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Keep Curls Hydrated During The Winter


It's no secret that curls tend to get quite dry during the winter months. This is due to a lack of natural moisture, as well as the cold, harsh elements. Add this to the roughness curls endure with scarves and hats, and it's a recipe for dry strands. Here's how to keep curls hydrated during the winter.  If you follow these tips, you won't have to endure dry strands this winter, and your curls will be ready for next summer!

How To Keep Curls Hydrated During The Winter

The Proper Way To Moisturize Curls

Get a humidifier:

Before the cold winter months arrive, make sure you invest in a quality humidifier. If your home is dry, odds are your curls will be, too. Therefore, it's important to make sure you're naturally introducing moisture to your home.

Deep condition:

Odds are, you're already using deep conditioner in your curl care routine. However, during the colder months it might be necessary to increase the amount of times you're using deep conditioners. After cleansing curls, cover your hair with a thick, water-based product and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes, or 60 if your strands are very dry. You can also cover your strands with a plastic shower cap, which will help lock in heat. This will help the deep conditioner active and more deeply penetrate your strands to ensure the product is delivering moisture in the most effective way.

How To Keep Frizz To A Minimum


When curls need an extra boost of moisture, one way to help them out is to steam your strands. Steam opens the strands and allows moisture to deeply penetrate into the cortex of your curls. You can steam your strands by standing in the shower, and allowing the warmth to open up the cortex. You can also invest in a hood steamer to give a more intense treatment. If a steamer is out of your budget, you can create your own by wrapping your strands in a warm towel.

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