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How To Have Awesome Curl Days With Low Porosity Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Have Awesome Curl Days With Low Porosity Hair


If you have low porosity curls, you might've experienced some trouble styling your strands. Fine, low porosity curls often struggle to retain water, making it difficult for curls to take on product. Additionally, it can be tougher for strands to retain a natural shape. However, you can manage this easily! Here's how to have awesome curl days with low porosity hair. If you give these tips a try and it works for you, let us know!

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How To Have Awesome Curl Days With Low Porosity Hair

Skip heavy products:

Low porosity curls are naturally prone to build up. This means you'll want to avoid any products that will leave deposits on your curls. So you'll want to skip things containing heavy ingredients, such as shea butter, to avoid the risk of your curls being dragged down. Instead, focus on mid weight, highly moisturizing products instead.

Avoid over manipulating:

This tried and true rule applies for lots of curly girls, but especially for our fine, low porosity girls. Keep your hands out of your curls. Whenever possible, avoid touching or over styling your curls. This can include limiting the amount of protective styling you do, as well as how tightly you pull back your curls. Over manipulation can cause strands to break.

Daily moisturizing:

This step absolutely cannot be skipped. Low porosity curls are prone to dryness, as the strands struggle to maintain moisture. Therefore, you'll need to moisturize your strands daily to minimize frizz. Spritz your curls 1-2 times daily with water, a curl refreshing spray, or even a light leave in conditioner.

For your weekly deep conditioning, or even for a mid week pick-me-up, feel free to incorporate some gentle heat into your treatments. A steam hood, or even just a warmed up towel over a plastic shower cap will allow moisture to more deeply penetrate your curls.

Dry correctly:

So many people jump out of the shower and scrub their curls dry with a terry cloth towel. All that does is tear at delicate strands, leaving hair a frizzy mess. Instead, use a microfiber towel or a t shirt to carefully blot away excess moisture. You can gently cup and squeeze your curls to help retain the natural shape.

Use oils:

Where butters will be too heavy for your curls, oils can help seal in moisture without weighing down your strands. Give oils a try, and make sure to select something lightweight.

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