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How to get your curls to last

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Have you ever had a great head of curls in the morning, only to find your strands have fallen by the end of the day? If so, you're definitely not alone. Getting your curls to last more than a day is something many curly girls strive for. Luckily, it doesn't have to be something out of reach. Here's how to get your curls to last. Give these techniques a try, and make sure you let us know what works for you.


We can't stress this enough: moisturized curls are healthy, happy curls. As your curls dry, they'll seek moisture from the air around them, which can lead to frizz. Additionally, moisturized curls hold onto their natural shape better and longer. Therefore, make sure you're regularly moisturizing your strands. It can include adding in leave in conditioners as needed, or even just spritzing your strands with water. After you do, give your curls a scrunch to help encourage their shape, and a small shake so they don't stay too bunched up.


Protecting your curls from sleep and natural elements is one great way to make sure your strands last longer than one day. Before heading out, take a moment to assess the weather. Is it excessively hot, or humid? Is it very cold, or very windy? While we can't live our lives waiting for the few days the weather is absolutely perfect in a year, we can work with what we have. On days with extreme weather, take the time to put your curls in a protective style. Even something like a French braid can help maintain your overall health and shape of your curls. During colder months or windier times, tuck your curls under a silk lined cap to keep them safe. Before you go to bed, pineapple your strands or put them in a braid or twists to help ensure you'll wake up in the morning with great curls.


Finally, take the time to maintain curls. As mentioned above, moisturizing is huge. In addition to using a regular leave in or spritz, you should also be regularly deep conditioning your curls. This will help keep moisture locked in, as well as help minimize damage, which can stop curls from keeping their natural shape. Every few weeks, you can add in a protein treatment, which will encourage the health of your strands. In addition, make sure you're going in for regular trims, to get rid of any splits.

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