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How To Get Big Curls In Ten Minutes

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Time is always short for us, especially in the morning. This doesn't mean you need to compromise on how your curls look! Here's how to get big curls in ten minutes. Give this quick routine a try and let us know if it works for you.

How To Get Big Curls In Ten Minutes


How To Get Big Curls In Ten Minutes
What you'll need:

Old t-shirt

Wide toothed comb

Leave in conditioner

Curl enhancing mousse

Heat protecting spray

Hair dryer with diffuser

Step one:

After shampooing and conditioning your curls, squeeze excess water out using an old t-shirt. Don't rub your curls, as this will break up the pattern and create frizz.

Step two:

Spray your curls thoroughly with a leave in conditioner. We like It's A 10, as it hydrates, refreshes, and leave curls feeling soft. Once curls are completely covered with product, use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to work through individual knots.

Step three:

Once curls are completely detangled, it's time for the curl defining mousse. A mousse will create curls without making hair hard or crunchy like gels can. Put a quarter sized amount of product in the palm of your hand and rub hands together. Scrunch throughout your curls, focusing particularly on the ends of your curls. Flip your curls over, and scrunch underneath as well, making sure all strands get coated in mousse. Spray your curls with a heat protecting spray.

Step four:

Grab your hair dryer and set it to low. Flip your curls upside down, and cup a section of your curls, allowing it to dry completely. Once the first section is dry, move it along to the next. Don't move until the section is completely dry. Once your curls are completely dry and have cooled, spray your hair with a hair spray.  Flip your hair back, and lightly fluff with your hands. Don't over fluff, as you run the risk of destroying your natural curl pattern and creating frizz.

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