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How This Model Learned To Love Her Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curly hair is having a serious moment. As more curly girls embrace their natural texture, there's becoming a larger audience and even more content available. However, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to increasing education and awareness regarding what's going on in the curly world. When we can find a role model for other curly girls, we love sharing their stories! This is how this model learned to love her curls. Check out her story, and hopefully you'll relate to her, and be willing to share your story! We'd love to hear from you.

How This Model Learned To Love Her Curls

Bermuda-born model Aliana King has been blowing up the internet with her gorgeous photos, and her crown of gorgeous curls. However, as she was growing up, Aliana faced issues with her self esteem, especially surrounding her curls, like so many curly girls do.

Growing up, Aliana related that the texture of her curls made her feel ostracized from her friends, and was teased for being “too white”. She often found herself left out of conversations with her peers, or ignored whens he wanted to participate. The texture of her curls made her feel different, as her hair didn't dry like her friends' after swimming, and donning a silk cap for nighttime at sleepovers brought questions she wasn't sure how to answer.

As she grew up, Aliana spent a lot of her time trying to fit in by straightening her curls. She would compare her strands to her friends with straight hair, wishing her texture was more like theirs. She confessed that she used to “hate [her] hair.” She also struggled because her mom didn't know how to manage her curly hair, and didn't use the right products in Aliana's curls. As a result, Aliana's strands were often frizzy or dry.

However, Aliana came to the realization that her strands were an integral part of who she was, and not something to be ignored or changed. Deciding that her curls were a huge part of who she was helped her accept her strands as they are. She said that embracing her hair has made her “feel stronger and more confident.” Once she came to the realization that she wanted to accept her hair,s he realized she had to make some changes. Her strands were extremely damaged from years of straightening, so she started with a Big Chop to get rid of all the dead ends.

After cutting her hair, she realized she now had to figured out how to take care of her curly hair. After a lot of trial and error, as well as hours spent watching YouTube tutorials, she was able to figure out the products and routine that worked most effectively for her strands. She says “it's a long process, but worth it.” Now that she's arrived at her curl care goals, she wants everyone else to know happiness is achievable! She says that “being able to love and accept yourself completely natural is one of the best feelings in the world.” We couldn't agree more!

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