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How One Curly Girl Fell In Love With Her Silver Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to curls, there are a lot of reasons to embrace your natural strands. However, curly hair can shockingly be a controversial thing. Many curly girls have struggled to embrace their natural strands, with the pressures of society trying to get them to conform to straight strands, not to mention those who go silver earlier. This is how Tennille fell in love with her silver hair. Give her inspirational story a read, and don't be afraid to share your own!

How One Curly Girl Fell In Love With Her Silver Hair

Growing up with naturally curly hair wasn't always easy for Tennille. She said she struggled from the beginning, primarily because her mother had straight hair. Without sharing a texture with her daughter, Tennille's mother wasn't always sure how to help her with her curls. As a result, Tennille viewed her curls as something to be managed or dealt with, and ended up wearing a lot of braids or ponytails.

Throughout her childhood and into her teen years, Tennille said she “just dealt” with her curls, rather than spending time learning how to manage her hair. However, in high school she finally was able to really embrace her natural texture.

Tennille said that one of the most “empowering” moments for her in her curly hair journey was that of meeting Oprah Winfrey. The mogul told Tennille she “loved” her curly hair, which meant a lot to her. The uniqueness that her curly silver-white hair offers has truly set Tennille apart, and allowed her to embrace many opportunities that have come her way over the years.

In her 30s, Tennille experienced a stumbling block when she began dealing with stress-induced hair loss. However, this became an opportunity for her to take better care of herself, and her hair has since recovered. However, she encourages other women to spend time getting to know their hair. Instead of being frustrated by their strands. Tennille recommends doing research to figure out not only which products work for you, but also what techniques will help your strands look their best. Additionally, for those who are really struggling to find their place, she recommends reaching out to the curly girl community for support and guidance.

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