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Hairstyles for the Curly Girl Bride

by Chelsea Castonguay
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So you’re getting married! That’s 1. Amazing and 2. Congratulations! Once you have everything figured out from the venue, to the bridesmaids’ dresses and the cake flavor, you’ll want to start thinking about the most important part of the wedding: you. Making sure your curls do what you want on your wedding day is important, so here are a few of our suggestions for chic, timeless and gorgeous styles to complete your perfect look for your perfect day.

loose curls


Boho bride:

This style is easily achieved by styling curls and then pulling back a few strands in loosely structured braids. Fasten braids at the back of the head with a few bobby pins and add flowers, ribbons or jewels to create a perfectly-undone bridal look.


curly updo


Curly updo:

This style is classic, timeless and so easy to create. Finger comb your curls to remove tangles and add a little defining cream to help keep frizz to a minimum before styling curls into a low twist. Secure with pins and add flowers for a sweet touch.

retro curls


Retro glam:

For an old Hollywood vibe this look is on point. Wash and style curls naturally, using a diffuser to dry them without creating excess frizz. Create a deep part on either side and sweep curls over, pinning just above the ear. Add some fresh flowers, a fascinator or a mini veil to elevate your sophisticated your bridal look.

asymmetrical updo


Asymmetrical updo:

If you have curls with a medium texture, this hairstyle is for you! Begin by braiding curls from the side of your head down to wrap around. Twist and pin into place and decorate with flowers. Use a little bit of styling product to make the left out curls defined and to help control frizz.

braided beauty


Braided beauty:

If you have thick, coarse curls it can be trying to get them to behave, especially for an important event like your wedding. If you need a little more control on your day, consider upping the ante with a braided crown style. This style allows you to show off your curl’s texture without letting them take control.

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