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How To Get Great Second Day Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to curls, we like to go the longest time possible between washes. That being said, it’s no secret that your curls look their best on wash day. Come the second, third, fourth (or fifth, sixth and seventh) days, things can start looking a little flat. Working out, sleeping and just daily life can take its toll on your curls, causing them to fall, lose their shape and shine. However, only washing every few days doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome second day curls. This is how you get them:

Start with a great foundation: Don’t rush wash day. Not going to lie, it’s my least favorite time of the week. However, my second day curls always look best when I don’t rush and take my time to create a great style to work off of. Keep the gel limited, and use great styling products to help curls maintain their shape.

Moisturize before sleep: Before you pineapple your curls to catch some zzs on your silk pillowcase, mist your curls with a curl refreshing spray or a leave in conditioner. This will help curls stay moisturized overnight.

Overnight styling: If you regularly pineapple your curls, you can try a modification to help your curls maintain their shape. Instead of one big bunch, separate your curls into smaller sections and tie up with cloth scrunchies. In the morning when you release your curls, they’ll pop back into shape. You can also style your curls into bantu knots overnight, which will help them retain their natural shape.

Don’t overstyle: Try to avoid styles that stretch or disrupt your curl pattern. Once your curls are dry and set, you’re really going to want to avoid putting your fingers in them as much as possible.

Refresh and go: In the morning, don’t be afraid to hit your curls with a refreshing spray, a leave in conditioner or a little product after misting them with water. Sometimes curls just need a little assistance to get their shape back in place. Once you’ve misted your curls, use your fingers to gently fluff your curls back to their former glory.

Have a plan b: Sometimes even the best laid plans don’t work out the way we hoped. In these circumstances, it’s best to have a plan b. This could include a cute ponytail, a great scarf or an amazing headband to help your look come together.

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