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Fabulous Short Styles To Try Today

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Quarantine has brought us a lot of strange and interesting things. There's been shortages of toilet paper, tik tok challenges, and way too many Zoom calls. After all this time inside, if might be time for you to start thinking about mixing it up. If you are, you might consider taking the big chop. These are fabulous short styles to try today. Give these styles a try, and make sure to send us a pic!

Fabulous Short Styles To Try Today


If your hair is particularly damaged, or you're feeling very adventurous, you might consider trying a fade. This is a very short look, but a great way to remove any dead strands. This is also super easy to care for, and won't require a lot of styling time, but will need regular trims to keep it short.


For our more adventurous girls, this look is one that can really pump up the volume for you. Since you'll be keeping your hair short, you can get it colored regularly without too much fear of damaged. The etching can be changed often, so your look is always fresh. And those waves are divine. So really, what are you waiting for?


Listen, ladies, hard parts aren't just for men. If you're looking for a way to really change up your look, a buzz with a hard part might be just the ticket. You'll always have a defined part, so you won't ever need to worry about styling your strands around your part. And frankly, this look is just cool.


Last but not least, this mohawk with a fade is just so chic, we can't stop thinking about it. This would work really well for our girls with kinky coils, as your thicker curls would give great shape and texture to the mohawk. This mohawk has a burst of orange color to really make this look pop, and you could experiment with any color that suits your fancy.

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