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Even More Black Owned Natural Curl Care Lines

by Chelsea Castonguay
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It's hardly a secret that there are tons of natural curl care products out there. However, some are made better than others. When it comes to your curls, we want you to have simply the best in curl care products. Therefore, we've brought you this list of even more Black owned natural curl care lines, Give this list a read-through to get some ideas for your next product stock up.

Even More Black Owned Natural Curl Care Lines

Coco Conscious Collective:

There are a lot of products out there, but one with a coco base is usually a pretty good one, and this is no exception to that rule. Ultra hydrating, your curls will be quenched, and therefore much easier to style as as well as maintain.


This product will always be really easy to remember thanks to its short and relevant name. Additionally, there are several great products to choose from, so you're sure to find one that works great in your strands. Done't hesitate to stock up so you can try them all.


A lot of curly girl routines and regimens call for the use of cowash. Finding a good one can be tricky, but this product line has you covered. It also features castor oil to help stimulate healthy curl growth. Grab a pot of the pudding for a lightweight hold for your delicate curls.

Design Essentials:

We couldn't leave out this venerable product line, and the fact that it's Black owned makes it even more special. There are a ton of products in this line, so you're certain to find one that works great for your curl's type and texture. The deep conditioners can't be beat.

Girl + Hair:

For those of you who opt to relax your curls, or choose to wear protective styles, such as braids, this shampoo was designed just for you. It;s formulated to target your scalp, providing a gentle yet effective clean so you can leave your extensions in longer without sacrificing scalp cleanliness.

Hair Rules:

This product line not only has an adorably vintage design on the front (I'm thinking 1980s bedroom walls here) it also offers a few different types of products, so you can go for the full set or try one at a time to figure out what you'd like.

Honey’s Hanmade:

When your curls need some extra cleansing and deep conditioning, reach for this bentonite and deep sea clay. Not only will it refresh your curls, it'll also strengthen and invigorate your strands. We love that it has very simple ingredients, and the fact that it's handcrafted doesn't hurt it either!

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