How To Enhance Your Natural Curl Texture

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Have you ever been frustrated by your natural curls? If they fall flat, or don’t tend to hold shape, you might need some information on how to enhance your natural curl texture. All curls have different patterns and textures. Some curlies even have a few different types on their heads! Here are some unique and unexpected tips on how to help your curls stay on point.

Enhance Your Natural Curl Texture:

Don’t brush:

We know, it’s tempting. However, brushes aren’t your friend. Nothing ruins your curl’s natural texture like disrupting the pattern with a brush. Instead of brushing out your curls, opt for detangling with a wide toothed comb and lots of conditioner to create slip.

Don’t use a blow dryer:

However, adding a diffuser is a game changer. A blow dryer without a diffuser will just blow your curls around, which disrupts their pattern. The diffuser allows you to focus on sections of curls, which dries the hair slowly and evenly.

Don’t skimp on products:

Cutting corners with products can certainly be tempting. Skimping will do you no favors, though. Instead of buying lots of junky products focus on picking up 2-4 good quality products. Make sure they work for you and your curl type. When you’re using quality products, a little usually goes a long way, so you’ll actually be saving money in the long run.

Don’t avoid haircuts:

Sometimes curly girls try to save some money by skipping their regular trims with their stylist. However, this will lead you to more grief in the long run. Split ends will shorten the length of your hair by allowing the ends to break off and stay weak. A good trim will remove those damaged ends and allow healthy hair to grow in.

Don’t overuse heat tools:

Every time you lift a heat tool to your hair, you’re causing irreparable harm to your strands. Curls are delicate, and often lacking in moisture that protects them from becoming damaged when exposed to heat. Try to limit your curl’s contact with heat and instead opt to hair dry when possible. Use your curling and flat irons only sparingly.

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