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Easy Curly Styles To Try This Spring

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Spring has sprung, and with it comes warmer, brighter days. This means it's time for you to start shaking out the cobwebs, and updating your style. These are easy curly styles to try this spring! There's nothing quite like a fresh start, and we're also about ease. After you've tried these styles, make sure you let us know which you liked.

Easy Curly Styles To Try This Spring

Half-up top knot:

Is there anything easier or more sleek than a top knot? We don't think so. However, this look can get a little tired and be tough on your strands. Therefore, you might want to try checking out a half-up top knot. This look is fabulous for second or third day curls, holds your hair out of your face, and can be dressed up or down. Add ribbon, a scarf, or a barette to the top knot to make an extra special look.

Mid low bun:

Moving on from the top knot, there are times you need all of your curls pulled back. However, a piled up bun or a low bun can be pretty overdone. Bring an unexpected element to the mix but creating a mid low bun. Part your curls down the middle, and then gather your hair into a pony tail at the mid of the back of your head. This is usually right below your occipital bone. Wrap your hair around the pony, and secure it to create a bun that's great for brunch, a night out, or a day at the office.

Low braid:

If you're not feeling a bun, you can opt instead for a braid. In this case, you can really utilize your second or third day curls to optimize your braid. Refresh your curls with dry shampoo, and a curl refreshing spray. After your curls are fluffed up again, part down the middle like you would for a bun, and then pull your curls back into a low-lying braid. You can opt for a traditional braid, fishtail, Dutch, or French. The sky's the limit! Pull some strands out to frame your face, if you'd like, or keep things sleek for a traditional approach.

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