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Could Dandruff Be Causing Your Curl Fall?

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Could Dandruff Be Causing Your Curl Fall?


Could Dandruff Be Causing Your Curl Fall?

Dandruff is not only frustrating, it can be embarrassing to deal with. Despite how obvious it is, not many people want to talk about it. Not only do the white flakes ruin an outfit, the itching can be unbearable. However, dry scalp doesn't just happen overnight. There are some things you might be doing to cause your dandruff issue. Similarly, there are things you can do to fix it.

Are dandruff and curl loss the same issue?

Dandruff and curl loss aren't the same issue, but often go hand and hand. This is because dandruff can create mega irritation on the scalp. The flakes of skin created by dandruff can clog the pores on the scalp, which prevents healthy hair from growing. This means your hair will fall out eventually. Additionally, the constant scratching at your scalp can damage the roots and follicles. When this happens, your curls will die and fall out, as the roots become weak. If you are experiencing excess itchiness, dandruff, or curl loss, make sure you check with your doctor to rule out dermatitis.

How does dandruff happen?

There are a few ways this issue can arise. These causes include psoriasis, dry skin, fungal infections, eczema, poor hygiene, illness, and over treatment with heat or chemicals.

What can I do?

Make sure you're properly cleansing your scalp regularly. This could include detoxing and cleansing your scalp to remove all build up. Consider your curl care products and remove any that contain harsh chemicals, as this could be irritating your scalp. Instead, opt for moisturizing, gentle cleansers free of any harsh chemicals. Select natural oils that can be used to help seal moisture in and hydrate your curls. If you suspect a fungal infection, you can try treating it with essential oils, such as wild oregano. If you suspect the infection is too far gone to treat naturally, consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

Why Your Curls Are Dry

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