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Curly Hair Myths

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curly Hair Myths


There are tons of tricks, tips, suggestions, and recommendations out there for when it comes to taking care of curls. Just like you, all curls are unique. However, there are some myths about caring for curly hair that can trip you up. Here are those myths, as well as how to manage your hair.

Curly Hair Myths
Washing causes curl fall:

Washing your hair won't cause your curls to fall out. Every day, your hair strands are dying and are being replaced with fresh, healthy curls. Washing your curls correctly will actually help them grow back faster, as it will encourage blood flow, break up dandruff and build up, and let curls grow.

On the other side of this, having unclean hair also won't cause your curls to fall out or grow slowly. Curl loss or slow growth can be attributed to dandruff, yeast, fungal infections, hormonal imbalance, poor diet, lack of hydration, and sometimes age.

You should brush your curls daily:

How many of us have seen a period drama in which the heroine spends hours brushing her hair every day to make it shiny? It's time to let go of this myth, especially for curl girls. In your case, brushes aren't your friend. Brushes will tear at your curl's delicate strands, as well as disrupt your curl pattern. This will create frizz and ultimately more problems than that brush is worth. Skip it and detangle with your fingers or a wide toothed comb instead.

Stress will turn your curls gray:

It's no secret that our lives are stressful. We've all heard stories of women who experienced an extreme shock or stressful situation and woke up the next day with a head full of gray hair. We're here to say that's a total myth. While stress can attribute to hair loss or thinning hair, it won't turn it gray.

You can't color your curls while pregnant:

To our curly mamas and mamas-to-be, fear the colorist no more! The amount of dye that could be absorbed through your skin won't cause harm to your growing baby. If you're still worried, chat with your doctor before scheduling that touch up on your roots.

You should get frequent trims:

This myth is true! Frequent trims will remove dead ends and splits. While this doesn't mean the myth about it helping your curls grow faster is true (sorry) having healthy curls will mean you can hang onto your hair longer, allowing it to grow.

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