What You Can Learn From Michelle Obama’s Natural Curls

curly hair


It’s no secret that the former First Lady of the United States has some serious style. When it comes to her natural curls, there’s a lot the rest of us curly girls can learn. Not only does Michelle have great style, her natural curls are on point. Here are few things that we can all learn from Michelle’s amazing curls .

Embrace your differences:

It can be really difficult to find a role model who comfortably rocks her natural curls. Many celebrities hide their natural texture under weaves or behind expensive chemical straightening. So many curlies have tried lots of techniques to conform to society’s standards, and have cut, flat ironed and manipulated their natural textures into something they weren’t. By showing off her natural texture, Michelle is letting us all know it’s ok to embrace your natural texture and love your curls as-is!

Be unexpected:

Just when we thought we couldn’t love her more, Michelle took us all by surprise and unveiled her natural curls. Instead of using chemical processes to straighten her hair, her stylist was using a flat iron when she wore her hair straight for appearances. Michelle blew everyone away when she began making appearances rocking her natural curls. Everyone’s natural curls are beautiful and unique, and you can sometimes take people by surprise by choosing to rock them instead of hiding them away.

Put your curls first:

It can be really tempting to subject yourself to other people’s standards. When we turn on the TV or flip through the pages of a magazine, many of the models have straight, sleek looks. It’s easy to think that we have to have those looks, but we don’t necessarily need to do that in order to fit in. By showing the world her natural curls, Michelle is reminding all of us to embrace who we are, and to put curl care first.