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Best Deep Conditioners For Dry Curly Hair

by Chelsea Castonguay
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With winter upon us, having dry curls is part of the deal. The dry air and the cold constantly sap moisture from your delicate strands. Therefore, you're going to need to help your curls out by providing them with some extra support. These are the best deep conditioners for dry curly hair. If you love any of these, make sure to drop us a note in the comments.

Best Deep Conditioners For Dry Curly Hair

Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner:

The mint in this ultra moisturizing deep conditioner will help stimulate your scalp, encouraging growth. The Babassu Oil helps moisturize, without being too intense for finer strands.

 TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner:

When people make DIY deep conditioners or curl care masks, honey is often an ingredient. Honey helps coat your damaged and dry strands, locking in moisture. This smooths down your strands, helping minimize frizz and breakage.

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque:

This Shea Moisture masque is positively loaded with healthy ingredients to help restore lost moisture and shine to your curls. This masque is designed especially for curly girls with a lot of damage to their strands who need extra support for their curls.

Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner:

One of the most healthful oils you can out in your curls is jojoba, which this deep conditioner is formulated with. It's not too heavy for lighter curls, but still delivers a lot of hydration.

As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner:

Are you curls dry, fried, and in need of serious rescue repair? If so, this is the deep conditioner for you. This intensive conditioner is absolutely jam packed with tons and tons of amazing ingredients. The coconut, sugar, and green tea all work together to give your curls a boost of hydration, as well as help detoxify your strands.

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