Amazing Second Day Curl Styles

Amazing Second Day Curl Styles

It’s so disappointing at the end of a great curl hair day to go to bed. This is because we know we’re waking up with flattened curls. However, there’s no need to despair. Here are amazing second day curl styles. Long live the curl! Give these looks a try and let us know what you think.

Amazing Second Day Curl Styles

High top knot:

Is there anything more elegant than a top knot? We don’t think so. This style works great for second day curls by providing a bit of volume. Flip curls upside down and spray with a leave in conditioner to moisturize. Gather curls on the top of the head, wrap and secure. Pull a few face framing tendrils out or keep your curls slicked back for a sophisticated take on this classic style.

Sophisticated pony:

This looks works great on second, third, or even fourth day curls! If curls are looking oily, hit them with some dry shampoo. Create a deep part on the right or left side, and slick curls back. Gather the curls in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure with a hair elastic.  Use gel to keep edges and wisps slicked back.

Crown braid:

Is there anything more romantic than a crown braid? We don’t think so. Crown braids work really well to secure wayward second day curls. Use it to secure second day curls during a sweaty work out, and allow it to take you to the office, date night, and even to brunch with the girls.

Wash and go:

There’s no reason you can’t wear a wash and go for a couple days. It will require a little of work, but you can fluff curls up for a second go around. Before going to bed, pineapple your curls to keep them from getting excessively crushed while you sleep. In the morning, remove the pineapple and gently shake curls out. Spray curls with a curl refreshing spray, and fluff gently.

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