All You Need To Know About Curly Hair Growth

Curly girls often express frustration with the rate of growth of their curls. Due to the coiled nature of their strands, it can feel as though it takes a long time for strands to grow out. Even though curls grow at the same rate as straight strands, it can be hard to tell. This is because the coiled shape of curls makes it seem as though strands take longer to grow. This is all your need to know about curly hair growth. Check out these great suggestions , tips, and tricks!

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All You Need To Know About Curly Hair Growth

Know your type

Before getting started, it’s important to identify your curly hair type. This will help inform how you manage your curls, including styling and product usage. Additionally, there can also be different types of curls on one head, so spend some time investigating your strand types.

Make your own

When it comes to products, selecting all natural or even making your own can enhance growth. Customizing the type of product used on curls can help strands stay strong, which will lead to enhanced growth. If purchasing your product, avoid anything with artificial ingredients, such as sulfates, fragrances, and alcohol.

Get regular cuts

Getting in with your curly hair trained stylist for regular cuts can actually help curls grow longer. This because dead or split ends will continue to shred, causing curls to break off. This will prevent strands from achieving any length. Make sure to visit with your stylist for regular trims or to have any dead, damaged strands cut.

Keep hands off

The more you touch your strands, the more likely it is your curl pattern will be disrupted. Disrupted curl patterns can lead to frizz, which creates dryness. Dry curls are more prone to breakage, which will minimize growth. Therefore, curls are best when left alone. Try to avoid touching your strands too much, especially once styled.

Invigorate your scalp

In order for curls to grow, the scalp needs to be healthy. It’s important to regularly scrub and exfoliate the scalp. This will remove any dead skin cells, buildup, and dandruff. Additionally, it will encourage blood to circulate around the scalp, which invigorates strands to grow.