Adorable Bob Hairstyles For Curly Girls

Have you ever considered taking the plunge and cutting off your curls? We’ve all had days where we are ready to start fresh or want to try something new. If you’re ready for a fresh approach when it comes to rocking your curls, check out these adorable bob hair styles .

Short Fringe:

This bob has a touch of European flair with its super short fringe and tousled curls. When you meet with your stylist, request a chin grazing A-line bob to get tons of bounce in your curls. It’s super easy to style and maintain, as well as very flattering to all curl types.

curly hair

Layered Waves:

For our curlies with wavier, finer curls, adding some layers can give your limp locks a boost. To achieve this look, you’re going to want to use lighter products so as not to weigh down your strands. Even if you don’t have fine curls, you can still rock this look! Discuss what length will work well with your stylist for your curl type.

curly hair

Round Bob:

This bob has tons of volume, making it a great choice for curlies with tight, kinky coils. You can ask your stylist to add bangs and layers to make the look modern and sophisticated. For this look, you might want to utilize a little bit more product to help curls maintain their shape and achieve a bigger amount of volume.

curly hair

Asymmetrical Bob:

There’s no denying it; asymmetrical bobs are fun and sassy. This look is more of a slight asymmetrical rather than a more extreme one, which gives it an edgy look without being over the top. This look works great on our curlies who have rounder faces. Work with your stylist to determine how much of a difference you want on each side, as well as discuss if adding in layers is for you.

curly hair

Retro Bob:

If you love the vibe of the 70s, you can think about this short and sassy bob. The curls are cut to flatter your face shape, which creates movement and lift. When styling this look, make sure to use the right shampoos and conditioners to get your curls clean without weighing them down. Follow up with gentle hold styling products.